New patient Neurology consultation (80-minutes): $400

Follow-up Neurology consultation (40-minutes): $250

Brainspotting session: $150/hour

HeartMath session: $150/hour

CBIT: $150/hour (treatment requires eight 1-hour sessions)

Phone calls longer than 10-minutes will be billed in 15-minutes increments at a rate of $300/hour


Dr. Elbers is not a participating provider with any insurance panel. Payment is due at time of service. Upon request, patients will be provided with a detailed statement which can be directly submitted to insurance, with payments being reimbursed directly to you.

4200 Scott Valley Drive

2nd Floor, Suite E

Scotts Valley, CA, 95066


Phone: 831-226-1774

Fax: 831-226-1774


Hours: (available over TeleHealth)

Monday: 9am-2pm

Tuesday: 9am-2pm

Wednesday: 9am-4pm

Thursday: 9am-2pm

Friday: No appointments

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