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HeartMath and HRV Biofeedback

What is HeartMath?

HearthMath is a science-based, evidence-based system of techniques and biofeedback technology that are designed to help improve emotional, mental and physical health. Based on over 26 years of research and over 300 independent peer-reviewed studies, HearthMath is recommended by thousands of health professionals and is used by hundreds of schools, hospitals, humanitarian organizations and corporations. HeartMath is recommended by the World Health Organization, and used by professional athletes and the Navy SEALs.

Symptoms related to stress often arise because the autonomic nervous system (the “automatic” part of the nervous system that controls heart rate, breathing, digestion, and other subconscious activities within the body) becomes dysregulated over time as it adapts to its environment. HeartMath uses heart rate variability biofeedback to identify how your autonomic nervous system is responding at baseline, to stress, and to feeling positive, regenerative emotions.

What is Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback?

Heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback is used to visualize how your breathing and emotional state affects your heart rhythm, which reflects autonomic nervous system function and flexibilty. When we instate a positive or regererative emotion, our heart rate variability shifts towards a sinusoidal pattern, called “coherence”. Coherence is a state of nervous system regulation, where the different body systems (heart, lungs, brain etc.) are working together more efficiently. HeartMath research has demonstrated that this coherent state is associated with mental clarity, improved performance, and improved regulatory functions in the body, such as lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and improved sleep.

HeartMath Techniques

HeartMath has also developed different techniques for attention and emotional regulation. These techniques can be used on their own, or in combination with the HRV biofeedback to inform us when we are in a relaxed, more coherent state. These techniques are meant to be used “in the moment”, to rapidly shift your emotional state and increase your overall performance. The more you practice these techniques and generate coherence in your body, the greater your capacity for emotional and physiological regulation, and the healthier your body will become.

How HeartMath can help you:

    • As the strongest generator of electromagnetic energy in the body, the heart is the ultimate messenger, communicating neural, pressure, and hormonal information throughout the body at all times. The importance of strengthening our connection between the heart and the rest of the body is often overlooked.

    • HeartMath helps your mind and body become more in-sync. When your emotions are controlled, and your physiology is aligned, you will enter a state of flow that increases your performance and access to intuition.

    • HeartMath techniques can create emotional shifts that bring more kindness and compassion into your life—ultimately connecting you to a deeper, truer part of yourself.
    • Learn to build resilience by working directly with the autonomic nervous system through heart rhythm patterns, breathing and emotional regulation. The more you practice shifting your emotional responses, the more you build emotional resilience. HRV biofeedback helps build physiological resilience within the autonomic nervous system.
    • Because of the impact on heart-brain communication and nervous system regulation, HeartMath techniques can help improve sleep, blood pressure, chronic pain, attention, and performance.

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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

-Viktor Frankl
Austrian Neurologist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning