Heart: The word heart has meaning to almost everyone. When we think of heart, we think not only of the physical heart but also qualities such as wisdom, love, compassion, courage and strength — the higher emotions of human beings.

Math: Math is commonly understood as a comprehensive system of equations, formulas and ways of understanding the world. In the context of HeartMath, it refers to the stepping stones, or nuts and bolts, of systematically unfolding the qualities of the heart. It also refers to physiological and psychological equations for accessing and developing the heart’s connection to the brain and rest of the body.

HeartMath is internationally recognized for practical solutions that can transform the stress of change and uncertainty and build people’s physiological coherence and energy reserves.

Scientific evidence has shown how our emotional state affects all of our neurobiological systems, and more importantly, our health and well-being. HeartMath has developed practical tools to use "in the moment" for emotional regulation and stress management. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback technology is an additional tool that can help people see the physiological shift that happens in real time when you successfully shift your emotional state.

Dr. Elbers uses HeartMath techniques and technology to help her patients understand how stress is affecting their nervous system and causing the symptoms they are experiencing. Over 300 independent studies have demonstrated that regular practice using the HeartMath system increases emotional and physiological resilience, improving difficulties with sleep, fatigue, concentration, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

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