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Specializing in the treatment of children and adults
struggling with chronic, often unexplained, neurological symptoms

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Dr. Jorina Elbers, MD


I recently left my position as assistant professor at Stanford University and pediatric neurologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, to work with children and adults who have multiple symptoms within the nervous system and the body (somatic, autonomic, sleep, digestive, neuropsychiatric etc.) which often go unexplained or incompletely understood, despite many visits to other subspecialists.

I help to rule out any disease-related causes for symptoms, but will also explore how acute or chronic stress may be contributing to health problems.

I use a trauma-sensitive approach, and am trained in the following evidence-based, neurobiological interventions to work directly with the nervous system and improve symptoms:

Did you know?

Stress can cause the nervous system to adapt, affecting how your body feels and functions. This is called nervous system dysregulation.

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