Specializing in the care and management of children with:

  • Chronic headache or migraine

  • Post-concussion syndrome

  • Sleep problems

  • Chronic pain

  • Tics, or other involuntary movements

  • Unexplained weakness or paralysis

  • Numbness, tingling or loss of sensation

  • Tunnel-vision or other unexplained visual symptoms

  • Non-epileptic events (pseudo-seizures)

  • Conversion disorder

  • Nervous system dysregulation


What is

nervous system


Nervous system dysregulation describes a combination of symptoms that can arise when the nervous system adapts to a single stressful or traumatic experience, or an accumulation of small stressors.

Symptoms of nervous system dysregulation are notably exacerbated by stress which can come in many forms: illness, minor injury, exercise, social rejection, academic or other performance pressure.

Symptoms of nervous system dysregulation can interfere with school attendance, participation in activities, and overall quality of life for a child and their family.

At A Fine Balance, I will help you and your child understand the body's responses, and work towards self-empowerment and rewiring the nervous system.  I use a trauma-sensitive approach, with interventions that increase the capacity for emotional and physiological regulation including HeartMath, HRV biofeedback and attachment-focused therapies.

Symptoms of nervous system dysregulation often include multiple, chronic medical symptoms from the following categories:

1) Somatic symptoms - pain, tremor, tics or other abnormal movements, abnormal sensations, loss of sensation or vision abnormalities

2) Cognitive symptoms - difficulties with attention and memory

3) Autonomic symptoms - dizziness, excessive sweating, inability to tolerate exercise, heat or standing

4) Digestive symptoms - nausea, heartburn, constipation

5) Emotional dysregulation - anxiety, depression, rage or panic attacks

6) Sleep problems - insomnia, frequent night wakings, nightmares

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